Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is The Upper Room?

"The Upper Room": A Gospel Jazz Band is a hot new band spreading the “good news” of Jesus Christ through ground-breaking, colorful and expressive music! This sensational trio imparts unrelenting energy, sensual and sensitive interplay and genre-bending innovation while presenting the gospel message with a twist.

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What kind of music does The Upper Room produce and distribute?

The Upper Room intelligently mixes gospel, funk, hip-hop, R&B and various shades of jazz to produce deliciously masterful and melodic arrangements and emotionally intense compositions. Simply put, The Upper Room produces Great Music!

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Who are The Upper Room members?

Curtis Price, Taurus James and John White are the core members of The Upper Room who have teamed up with outstanding musical talents from around the United States. See photos and read bios of The Upper Room personalities, and learn about the team working behind the scenes. From the engineers at the control boards to The Upper Room's record label - Dub Dub Records, producing "memorable musical moments" is a team effort.

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How can I listen to The Upper Room?

You can listen to The Upper Room from almost anywhere in the United States and around the world via Internet services or you can purchase The Upper Room's debut CD – Faith Walk.

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