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"The Upper Room": A Gospel Jazz Band is a hot new band spreading the “good news” of Jesus Christ through ground-breaking, colorful and expressive music! This sensational trio imparts unrelenting energy, sensual and sensitive interplay and genre-bending innovation while presenting the gospel message with a twist.

Curtis Price Remembered

By Sandy Wells
Staff Writer
(appeared March 24, 2008)
* Used by permission *

Curtis Price

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Innerviews: Hometown basketball hero Curtis Price returns to his roots

He's one of the Kanawha Valley's most celebrated and beloved athletes, a star on the undefeated 1968 Charleston High state championship team who went on to excel at WVU.

Curtis Price continued his success story at West Virginia State as a 21-year-old head basketball coach, probably the youngest in the country.

Also an accomplished musician, he played guitar in dance bands all through school, later with Ivor Sheff in the Production Company.